TX2 system shutdown/reboot using PMIC register

I want to shutdown and wake TX2 using PMIC register,how we can do that.

in dmesg log i can see

root@localhost:/home/ubuntu# dmesg | grep 77620
[ 0.501738] max77620 4-003c: PMIC Version OTP:0x4D and ES:0x1
[ 0.517951] max77620-sd4: at 600 mV
[ 0.536639] gpiochip_setup_dev: registered GPIOs 240 to 247 on device: gpiochip3 (max77620-gpio)
[ 0.536659] gpiochip_add_data: registered GPIOs 240 to 247 on device: max77620-gpio
[ 0.536849] max77620 4-003c: max77620 probe successful
[ 3.635010] max77686-rtc max77620-rtc: rtc core: registered max77620-rtc as rtc0
[ 5.204874] max77620-power max20024-power: Event recorder REG_NVERC : 0x0
[ 133.415264] Resume caused by WAKE24, max77620-top

which PMIC register i should write to shutdown and wake the TX2.

Any help will be appreciated

hello anupam.kumar,

could you please also check below discussion thread for reference,