TX2 TC358840

I saw a tutorial, a link:
There’s this in there.“Download tc358840-r24.2.1-j130.tar.gz file and apply the patches.”
How do I download tc358840-r24.2.1-j130.tar.gz ? is it collect fees or free? Please give me a download link ?

I went there and all you have to do is click on it to download (if you can’t click on the link there and download, then you are probably behind a proxy or firewall preventing the download). However, that is for their carrier board, so there might be some differences versus a dev carrier. More importantly, that is a very old 3.10 kernel on the R24.2.1 L4T release…anything even semi-recent is a 4.4 kernel.

There is a kernel patch for version 4.4, tc358840-tx2-l4t28.2-j130.tar.gz, but that sentence is either a link or a plain text at all, so I don’t know where to download it?

You are right, I saw many related downloads, but not a link directly naming that particular download. I looked around and didn’t find anything for this particular link…I think you are going to have to contact RidgeRun for that.

Btw, the download specifies “l4tR28.2”, but the other file mentions “r24.2.1”. The two are not compatible, R28.2 is much newer than 24.2.1 and not even the same kernel major version. It is quite possible anything in the R24.2.1 is already part of R28.2, or incompatible due to major changes in the kernel major version. If you contact RidgeRun you might want to mention you are using R28.2…but if you are using R24.2.1, then you should seriously consider a newer release.

Thank you for your answer and wish you a happy New year.