tx2 tcp packet issue

Hi NV people

i want to test my Hilscher ethercat card.
i open config so tx2 can find the Hilscher ethercat card.
when i bring up the device and start Hilscher TCPserver and i use windows pc to send SYN packet.

first time i can’t receive any packet so i use ufw command to disable Firewall.

then i will receive SYN packet but the console will show the kernel drop message.


how can i solve this issue??

Sending malformed packets (half open SYN) is triggering the drop, it isn’t a bug (it’s security).

There are some tweaks you can make, but I see that by default SYN cookies are not enabled. See:

zcat /proc/config.gz | egrep COOKIES

There are some parameters related to SYN packets even when cookies are not enabled. Take a look at this:

sudo -s
cd /proc/sys/net/ipv4
egrep '*' *syn*

As soon as you have too many attempts you’ll reach one of the limits even if you don’t have SYN cookies enabled.

If you are just testing the card, then it looks like it works.

hi linuxdev

thanks for your suggestion.

after open the config , i can work now.