TX2 USB3.0 does not work properly

This is the case. We made two boards, one debugging USB 3.0 is normal, and then replaced another board. The USB is not working. Then we connected the 5V voltage at the en end of the USB, which is equivalent to manual enabling, but still not working. Then we put the TX2 module on the official board of Yingweida, and it still can not be used until now.
the TX2 boot-up display tegra18x_phy_xusb_handel_overcurrent:clear port 1 pin 1 oc
i think the problem is Device tree,so i want to update it,but i can’t enter recorver mode,
so please help me ,thanks

Hi, please make clear description about the situation. It is hard to understand what the problem is by your words. Also besides the description, you can upload the log for check.

Hi,Thank you for your reply.the problem is TX2 module Hardware.thanks

Device tree must change for different carrier boards, but if you are only flashing, then you can flash from any carrier which allows recovery mode…the carrier board being used during flash does not have to be the same one for which the device tree is targeting.