TX2 USB3.0 port unwork

we designed a carrier board for TX2(following “Jetson_TX2_OEM_Product_DesignGuide_v20170501”), we found the USB3.0 port can not work. After debugging, we found the TX2 USB3.0 port signal “USB1_EN_OC” is always low even we remove the USB power switch IC. Another strange phenomenon is the FAN is always running after the TX2 power on, we suspect it is because the USB3.0 port is abnormal.
So could you help to give some clue for us to find out the problem, or tell us which TX2 configuration Pin or signal have relationship with USB3.0 port?

Have you checked Jetson/TX2 USB - eLinux.org ?

Hi cyunyue,

Is it normal on NV carrier board with same module If yes, it should be related to your custom board design. USB1_EN_OC has pull-up in module, it should be high when unconnected. Please compare your design with reference board to find out violations. Also you can check the log to try to locate the issue of FAN.

It is OK on NV carrier board. So i knew it would be caused by my design. but i already check all signals which related to the USB3.0 port. so i think maybe i missed another critical signals which will related to USB3.0 Port. we already checked the 3 differential data signals of USB3.0, is there any other signals will impact USB3.0?
BTW, all other function is OK of the TX2 in our designed board, include HDMI, ethernet, UART, and the Linux system is already bring up except the USB.

Please check this topic for powertree dt change: [url]https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1001771/jetson-tx2/no-usb-support-on-custom-base-carrier-board/[/url]