TX2 usb3.0 port with ZED Diagnostic

Hi, while run ZED Diagnostic it shows usb2.0 detected but jetson tx2 usb port is 3.0

It is most like an issue in signal quality. Please try with other cable.
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Same as what @DaneLLL said, but I’ll add to verify the root_hub is USB3 via “lsusb -t”. “480M” at the end of the line is USB2, while “5000M” would be USB3 gen. 1. Make sure that if there is a HUB in between that the HUB also shows “5000M”.

Everything you have currently connected is to a USB2 or slower HUB. The port not used is capable of USB3 gen. 1.

Yes actually jetson tx2 has usb3 port and connect zed camera to tx2 and zed sdk shows usb2 port

Switch to the USB3 (5000M) root_hub port and it might work.

how should i do that

You’d simply unplug it from the existing USB port on the TX2 and try the other USB port. Each of the USB connectors on the carrier board go to a different root_hub. If there are no other physical USB connectors, then it might be that your carrier board simply did not add wiring to that root_hub. As you migrate which connector a device is plugged into to another connector (other than a HUB) you should see “lsusb -t” change layout.