TX2 used initrd to upgrade JetPack from 3.3 to 4.6

We have a batch of tx2 devices using JetPack 3.3, now want to upgrade to 4.6, sdkmanager is not convenient.

I saw the l4t_initrd_flash.sh script in JetPack 4.6, can we use this to upgrade tx2


what’s your usecase?

If you want to use massflash, that’s only feasible with initrd flash.
If you flash devices one-by-one, SDK Manager and flash.sh should be the same.
(No need to use initrd flash here.)

My goal is to upgrade without using sdkmanager
My question is whether tx2 upgrade from 3.3 to 4.6 can use initd

Is there any relevant document you can share with me

Do you expect the upgrade or you are expecting the reflash?

The initrd flash is also “reflash”…

Sorry,There’s something wrong with my formulation
my expecting is reflash.

Then if you are using the internal eMMC as the storage device, flash.sh is enough.
You usually use initrd flash when you want to flash to external storage devices, and it also takes longer time than flash.sh.


We do use internal eMMC as the storage device.
But used flash.sh need connect the USB,It’s not very convenient for us
We are looking for a way to reflash tx2 without a USB cable


then I think the only way to do it is image-based OTA:

There is no OTA from a 3.x release to a 4.x release. I think even the earliest of 4.x did not have OTA ability.

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