TX2 VOB-P3310 cannot link up PCIe

I am using TX2 VOB-P3310 R2 on my system but PCIe cannot link-up. Recently, PCIe can work OK on my system with TX2 P3310 R3

I also tried both module on developer kit. Both module can link up PCIe Gen2 OK.

Can you give me the differences between 2 version module? Is there any config I missing on P3310 R2 to make it work?

Thang Nguyen tgnguyen@apm.com

Update info:

Not work: the P/N 135-0807-000 R2, boot log had id 3310-1000-B02-B
Work: the P/N 135-0727-000 R3, boot lod had id 3310-1000-B00-E

Hi tg, assume you tried both modules on same dev kit and PCIe is OK. If so, it’s not related to module version but your system board. There is no hardware difference on PCIe part between this two version boards.

Yes, I also think no problem at module version. However is there the HW config which R2 module need to check? Maybe it is exist on Kit but not in my system. Do you know the different config/setup in the SW of R2, compared to R3?

Last times, the module R3 also not link up PCIe on my system, and someone from your company helped to modify config file on uboot/linux to make it work. This times, I tried default file and modified from R2, but the R3 still not link up on my system

Below are default and modified last times

The last topic (my colleague name ktnguyen)

Please try

Thanks Dane, I get it work now. The instruction is correct