TX2 VP9 encoding issue when using mmapi


I find an issue when using mmapi encoding vp9 stream, the out file size is very large regardless of the set bit rate.

I used the latest sdk(jetpack 4.2.2, R32.2.1), the encoding command like this:

./tegra_multimedia_api/samples/01_video_encode/video_encode /run/dump_1080p_v300_12.264_short.yuv 1920 1080 VP9 test.vp9 --max-perf -br 2000000 -hpt 4 -idri 90 -ifi 90 -fps 30 1 -nbf 2 -nrf 4

can anyone help me, thanks.

2Mbps for 1080p30 looks strict. Are you able to try 8Mbps or above?

The output bit rate is about 20Mbps regardless of the set bit rate when encoding vp9, There is no this issue when encoding vp8/h264/hevc.

We can observe this on r32.2.1. Will check further and update. Thanks for reporting the issue.

This will be fixed in next r32.3.

Hi, DaneLLL,