TX2 watchdog automatic start in kernel and require userspace pat

We are using Jetson TX2 NX and I would like the watchdog to enable early in the kernel, so that if userspace fails to start the ‘watchdog’ service - then the system will reset.
From what I can see in nvidia/drivers/watchdog/tegra_wdt_t18x.c, and observed behaviour, is that even when i set “nvidia,enable-on-init” in device tree, there appears to be a kernel interrupt which will handle patting the watchdog until the userspace watchdog actually runs, and then it takes over.

How can i get the watchdog to start automatically and require patting in userspace, rather than be handled initially in the kernel ?

Maybe enable the watchdog in bootloader would be a solution.


Thanks for the suggestion - how might I do this ? Do you mean disable initialisation in the kernel and move this to bootloader ?

I mean enable WDT in bootloader to cover your case. And let kernel WDT driver stay with default in kernel initial sequency.

However, I don’t have much idea for enabling it in bootloader.


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