TX2 with ALSA and I2S

Hello. I have a problem using ALSA.

We are working on connecting MEMS MIC using ALSA but there is a problem.

This is my ALSA source code.

int hello_init(void) {
const char *dmaengine = “tegra186-gpc-dma”;
int ret;

ret = request_module(dmaengine);
if (ret)
pr_alert(“Unable to request module load (Error)‘%s’: %d\n”,
dmaengine, ret);


In the tutorial and document, there is no mention of dma module.
Using MEMS MIC with I2S, we need the mapping of dma module.

Please help me

Would you please give more detail information. Why do you request the gpc-dma?

Hi Constants,

Any further information can be provided? Or this issue has been resolved?