Tx2 with ros very slow

Hello, I am using jetson TX2 module (with custom board Aetina) with ROS, ZED camera, and realsense T265. I wanted to fuse all the sensors I have with ROS package named robot_localization (ekf). I am not sure it is computational heavy, but at MAXN power mode, it only gave 0.2 hz, meanwhile in the configuration I asked for 30hz. I checked CPU usage, every core is running at ~70%. How can I optimize the system?

Looks like you have run TX2 in optimal mode. If all CPU cores are close to full loading, there may not be room for improvement. If the camera sources support general formats such as YUV422(YUYV or UYVY), the frame data can be captured into NvBuffer and accessed by CPU/GPU/other hardare blocks directly. The cameras you use support special formats, so it would require format conversion and buffer copy in the pipeline, which takes significant CPU usage. This dominates performance.

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