TX2 xhci host controller firmware question


for USB 3.0 issue, I want to update firmware version of usb xhci host controller.

current firmware version is like below from dmesg.

xchi-tegra 353000.xhci : Firmware timestamp: 2017-12-07 10:50:08 UTC, Version: 55.09 release

  1. Could I get the latest firmware for xhci-tegra?

  2. Could you guide how I can apply the latest firmware?


Firmware comes with the JetPack/L4T release which flashes it. A new firmware is not available separately from flash. If you have a problem with firmware (and are using the development kit carrier board and describe the problem), then someone may be able to help if they know which release you are using (but of course the answer might be to flash a new release). Depending on release you’ll see the release version from one of these:

  • head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release
  • dpkg -l | grep 'nvidia-l4t-core'

An additional item of information you might provide when describing any issue is from:
cat /proc/cmdline