TX2i can't link the PCIE device

Hi All!

I have designed a TX2i carrier board, and contain an Intel IC 82599ES. But, TX2i can’t link the network IC, there is nothing when I printed ‘lspci’.

Electrical connections: TX2i PCIEx4 (PEX0/USB_SS1/PEX2/PEX_RFU,PEX0_REFCLK,PEX0_RST,PEX_WAKE) — 82599 (PCIEx8 lane0-3,PE_CLK,PE_RSTn,PE_WAKEn)

On the hardware, I have done some tests:

  1. I have saw the PCIE enumeration process (‘PCIE RST’ pulled high, ‘REFCLK’ 100MHz CLK ) on the oscilloscope.

  2. I have connected the 82599 circuit to another X86 CPU, and it linked. (Fly line test contain all the PCIE signals, the following tests all the same)

  3. I have connected the TX2i PCIE signals to the I210 device, and it linked. (Fly line test)

  4. I have connected the TX2i PCIE signals to another 82599 circuit, and it dosen’t linked. (Fly line test)

  5. And I have another TX2i carrier board, PCIEx1 connected an Intel IC 82580, it worked.

Now I have no idea on the hardware, anyone knows what can I do next?

And please give some advice on the software. Thanks!


Since I210 is working but not 82599, it looks like interoperability issue. Can you verify 82599ES on Jetson AGX and Jetson TX2 devkits? PCIe IP in Jetson AGX and TX2 are different, if there is any interoperability issue, link comes up on AGX but not TX2.


Thanks for reply.
Yes, we also have a Jetson AGX board connect 82599ES, and it works well.
Your meaning is if it links on AGX, then it will not link on TX2?
So what can I do next?And where can I find the TX2 support device list?

No, I think there is some interoperability issue between TX2/TX2i and 82599ES. Only way to root cause this issue is capture PCIe protocol traces. Is it possible to capture protocol traces?

We didn’t compiled a list, but we verified several NIC cards on TX2. Intel I210 is one of them. Could you tell me your requirements, I can reach out to QA team to find out if they verified any cards which fits to your requirements.


I can just capture the RST and REFCLK waveform on the OSC. I don’t know how to capture the PCIE protocol traces on the software, only the log information.
At present, we use TX2i PCIEx4 to connect 82599ES to realize the SFI interface. Please help me verify the NIC.

You need protocol analyzer hardware to capture traces. No other way to debug this issue.


Problem solved by connect a 100R res between REFCLK P/N.
Dose REFCLK conform to (LV)HCSL electrical standards or others?