TX2i Consulting


I 've designed carrier board for the TX2.

I want to use TX2i on the carrier board, but PIN B48(SYS_WAKE#) and PIN B49(MOD_PWR_CFG_ID

) are left unconnecte, Can TX2i work?

Hi, TX2i module request a little different circuit design on power-on type detection&control as you can see in Jetson TX2/TX2i OEM Product Design Guide. These two pins connections are requested by TX2i, they can’t be left unconnected.

Thank you for your answer.

At present, the carrier board PIN B48(SYS_WAKE#) and PIN B49(MOD_PWR_CFG_ID) are left unconnecte.

I want to use TX2i on the carrier board.Can TX2I power up and work normally.

If TX2I is used on the B04 carrier, can it power up and work normally

Please check chapter 3.5 of OEM DG, B04 has no such power-on type detection design for TX2i. So it can’t work normally TX2i+B04

Thank you for your answer.

If I don’t use PIN B48(SYS_WAKE#) and PIN B49(MOD_PWR_CFG_ID). When DC input, the system does not power up and work automatically.

The following connection seems to work, but it cannot be powered off. At present, I only need to power up and work


Yes, that’s why it can’t work normally…it can not be powered off because of the trigger mode difference on power button press.

Thank you for your answer.

It can work normally except not shut down normally, do I understand correctly like this?

In addition, I see that there is a chip EEPROM on the B04 carrier. What does this do? Is it necessary to use it.

Yes for first question.

EEPROM is for some board info reading, it is not must for custom board.

I would like to design my own carrier board which able to support both TX2 and TX2i and I aware to the differences regarding the use of the power button and B48,B49 pins and the need to add some HW which identify what module type is running but still my question is:

Is it possible to auto power up TX2 or TX2i (without using power button) and then to power down using SW command only ? (again no use of power button at all time)