TX2i on different process node?

The comparison and migration document shows the Tegra X2 as being a significantly different size between the two boards. (18x18mm vs 33x33mm) I’m assuming for a size that different that the chip is actually built on a different process node, but there may be some other reason. Can you shed some light on this for us, we have customers who worry about certain processes and their reliability.


Hi SrJsignal,

Jetson TX2i was designed for reliable operation in harsh industrial environments, Jetson TX2i provides long operating life (MTBF) with support for ECC memory and comes with extended warranty and sales lifecycle, please refer to: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1030837/jetson-tx2/nvidia-jetson-tx2i-module-for-industrial-environments/


That does not explain the large chip-size difference. We are very interested but need to understand some of the physics related issues based on the process node (ideally, factory and process) of the chip.

The X2 is 324mm^2

The X2 industrial is 1089mm^2

That is a huge difference, we’re just trying to understand (at least somewhat technically) the difference. We understand it was “made for harsh environments…”

SrJsignal, it is based on the same process, just a higher-grade chip with additional features and much longer operational lifetime.

Thank you, that’s what I needed to know.