TX2i Power Estimate

Hi, I need to get an estimate for the steady state power a TX2i will use to ingest a single MIPI Camera then push the raw video out through PCIe, over the full temp range. No image processing/compression at this time.

Over the next few weeks I will port over the code from the TX2 to the TX2i and start temp testing and gathering real numbers. But I need a faster answer on what power differences can be expected for this use.

Does anyone have any recorded numbers for a similar application, or a way to estimate this? I know it will be less than the 20W max ambient number, but I am having a hard time predicting how much less it will be.

Thank you in advance!

Hi austin.breakfield,

You may use the Max-Q and Max-P function to see if can meet your requirement, please refer to Power Management for TX2/TX2i Devices from NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide: