TX2i start delay optimization

Tx2i_log(9.25).txt in the attachment is the information output by the system terminal during the startup of TX2I module.Why does it take 17 seconds to boot UBOOT, and 20 seconds or so for the operating system to boot, but nearly 20 seconds before UBOOT? Is there anything you can do to reduce the time before UBOOT?TX2i_log(9.25).txt (103.5 KB)

please check this topic:

When we checked the boot log, we found that the BIOS was booted for about 17 seconds before uboot was booted. We felt there was something wrong with this time. There was relevant printing information in the log file provided before.log.txt (14.3 KB)

So have you disabled ecc…?

Will disabling ECC shorten the time before uBoot?I think ECC is to shorten the time from Uboot to system boot, I wonder if I think so?The current 17s time was used before Uboot.It takes too long.

As shown in figure

Yes, it will.

There are two options that take more time to start the log:

  1. I2c Command (9 seconds)

  2. DRAM Scrub (5 seconds)

Can the time of these two startup options be optimized to reduce?