Tx2I usb OTG cannot be started normally,Emergency help!

The power supply of the custom board usb0 cannot be enabled. We only use usb0. The hardware design of the port is the same as the original. A17 (usb0_en_c), b37 (usb0_vbus_det), b39 (usb0_dp), b40 (usb0_dn), A36 (otg_id) / /, and the current situation is:

  1. Usb0 can be used as a normal debugging port and work normally in recovery mode;
  2. When usb0 can be connected with external power supply, it can plug in other USB devices and work normally;
  3. If the USB 0 external device has no power supply, the device cannot be found. Is the OTG mode useless? Or when there is no external 5V power supply, the usb0 port cannot obtain power?
  4. Our board has no power supervision chip 3221.

The above link is the information discussed with relevant forums. I hope someone can give me more help. Thank you.

Have you check the schematic with the Design guide document?
Please continue updating the information at the original tread.


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