TX2i will support for zImage?


Environment: Ubuntu 18.04. Jetpack 4.4 with 32.4.4
In our custom board aim is to reduce the boot-up time for TX2i.
So I tried replacing Kernel Image to zImage board is not booting up.
I got this error Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic! SCRIPT FAILED: continuing…
zImage Does it support for TX2i (cause it’s ARM64). can you help me out for reducing the boot-up for TX2i? what are changes need to disable or change?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I can’t offer anything except for some history on zImage. Back when L4T and all of Tegra was 32-bit, zImage was used. When we entered the era of 64-bit the boot chain itself remained 32-bit (and perhaps is still to this day, not sure). In 64-bit I think the software for decompression does not like the 64-bit address space, and so even without checksums I think this would fail to boot unless the boot chain itself were updated to 64-bit. As is I suspect decompression is not attempted and thus the “Image magic” will be wrong.

Is there a reason you cannot use the uncompressed Image format? zImage would of course reduce storage requirements, but decompression would likely slow boot time rather than speed it up (unless eMMC is just very slow, which I think is probably not the case).