TX2i wont boot, and enters fastboot mode

I have a TX2i that I am trying to get working on a custom carrier board, however before the system can finish booting, I get the following message: “Power Button Long Press Detected” followed by the message “entering fast boot mode…”. After this happens, there are a few more messages, and then the module stops booting. Currently, on my custom carrier board, the POWER_BTN pin of the carrier board is floating so that the TX2i will power up as soon as power is applied.

When I put a TX2 module on the same custom carrier board, I do not have this issue. There is no “Power Button Long Press detected” message. Based on the Jetson_TX2_TX2i_Interface_Comparison_and_Migration pdf, I was under the impression that I could simply leave the POWER_BTN pin floating on the carrier board in order to auto-boot the TX2i, however if there is another way that I need to turn on the module, please let me know.

I have attached two console boot logs. One is for a TX2 on my custom carrier board (which successfully boots into Ubuntu), and the other is for a TX2i on my custom carrier board (which never finishes booting).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, is there power-on type detection & control part in your design? There are some different points on this between TX2 and TX2i as you can see in OEM DG.

Which version carrier board are you following, B04 or C02? There are some difference too as you can see in DG.

Also VIN_PWR_BAD_L can control ON pin of PMIC, you can check if any risk on it.

If your design is based on C02 board, there are some reworks needed for auto-power-on as this topic said, please check. https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1047809/jetson-tx2/auto-power-on-with-c02-carrier-board/

My customer carrier design mimics the B04 Carrier board, which properly auto-boots the TX2i, and therefore there is no power on detection control part. Also, I am only ever going to have a TX2i on this board, so I didnt need to add any detection components.

I have read through the OEM design guide as well as the TX2i and TX2 comparison reference, and it looks to me like the only thing required to power on the TX2i is to let the POWER_BTN (Pin B50) float and then apply power, as the module has a pull up resistor.

I also tried tying the CHARGER_PRSNT# pin to ground, however this made no change, and I still got the long-button press message. I am wondering why I would ever see a “Power Button Long Press Detected” message given that the pwr button is left floating. Trumanny, do you have any ideas about this?

Something I am also wondering about is how I am supposed to use Pin B48 (SYS_WAKE#) on my board for the TX2i. I have broken this pin out, however it is not being used for anything at the moment. In the TX2/TX2i comparison guide, it calls this pin the “Power Button interrupt and SC7 wake” for the TX2i, however I am not sure how this “power button interrupt” is different from the normal POWER_BTN pin (B50), and the B04 carrier board does not indicate that anything is done with this pin.

I have attached some of the pertinent pages of my schematics in case you need to reference them.

Hi Trumany, could you or someone else provide some insight on this? At least on the SYS_WAKE# Pin for the TX2i? I am wondering if this pin is tied differently on the Dev board than on my custom carrier board. In the Dev board schematics, the pin says reserved, and it is not clear if it is left floating or not.

SYS_WAKE# is float in TX2 module while is connected to Tegra in TX2i module. If your board is following B04 version, then TX2i can’t work on it directly.

Hi Trumanny,

Thanks again for all of your help. I had a few more questions I was hoping you could answer for me.

  1. Could you let me know why the TX2i cant work directly with my board which mimics the B04 dev board? When I plug a TX2i into my Nvidia B04 Dev Board, it boots up just fine, but on my board, there is a “Power Button Long Press Detected”.

  2. Do you know what would cause a “Power Button Long Press Detected” message?

  3. Could you tell me how pin B48 (SYS_WAKE#) is terminated on the B04 carrier board. The schematics do not show if it is grounded or floating on the dev board.

Thanks again for your help!

There are some design difference to the carrier board of TX2i/TX2 as you can see in OEM DG. We don’t suggest to use B04 board for TX2i since it is not verified, that might be the cause of the power button error info. I have no idea why this error info coming out since your board is following B04 not C02.

B48 pin is just connected to a TP on B04 board.