TX2NX - Install CUDA on NVME


I’m having problems with eMMC space on TX2NX. After I install Jetson SDK Components I have less than 10% left of memory. I was wondering if it’s possible to install SDK Components on a different drive? If so, then how?

hi @therealmatiss

Can you try adding some external storage , please read this topic for your understanding hope this helps and give you a clear idea How can we flash everything apart bootloader to extern sdcard on tx2 like jetson nano(with no intern...
2. Not enough eMMC storage space

Thank you

Hello! Thanks for your response but that’s not exactly what I needed. I need to have * most * things on eMMC storage (rootfs) but I want to move other things like CUDA and TensorRT to different drive. Just now I tried moving the cuda folder and add a symlink. Now I have to test it out.

EDIT: I guess it works. I moved /usr/local/cuda-10.2 folder to my external (in my case /mnt/app/cuda-10.2). Then I removed cuda-10.2 folder from /usr/local and then made a symlink sudo ln -s /mnt/app/cuda-10.2/ /usr/local/cuda-10.2

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