TX2NX Intel AC8265 Bluetooth not Working

Hello, we are having issues using the intel AC8265 module on our custom carrier board. This thread seems to be very similar to what we’re experiencing, however that thread does not state what the specific resolution was. @kjasper what was the resolution to your issue?

We have the wireless adapter hooked up to our Jetson TX2NX via m.2 connector and we have antenna plugged in. We have a freshly flashed TX2NX with Jetpack 4.6.2, and the 8265 card works well on this Jetson when plugged into the Nvidia Devkit PCB.

On our PCB, we have the USB traces wired through a USB 1.0 hub, and then to the Jetson. The WiFi functionality works properly on our custom PCB, but the operating system cannot detect any Bluetooth adapter whatsoever. There don’t seem to be any errors in dmesg relating to bluetooth, nor is there anything we can find in /var/log/syslog.

Do you know what the issue could be?

Could it be that the 8265 requires a USB 2.0 connection and ours is only USB 1.0? Do we need to make a device tree change? Is the actually a hardware issue we cannot fix without new PCBs?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, have you compared your design to devkit carrier board? Since it works well on devkit and not on your board, it looks more like your board issue.

That is the next thing we intend to do. I posted here first to see if there were any known issues or other recommendations you might have for us.

Normally we source and use the Azurewave AW-CB375NF, which works well on our carrier so we aren’t sure what the issue is.

Since you suspect it might be hardware issue, why dont you compare your design to devkit first?

It seems we discovered the issue. On our carrier PCB, we have a USB 2.0 hub which only supports “low speed” and “full speed” connections. We have the USB lanes for the wireless card routed through this hub, back to the Jetson.

Normally we use an Azurewave AW-CB375NF module, which works well on our PCB. This model specifically says it supports a “full speed” connection.

The Intel 8265 module seems to not support “full speed” and requires a “high speed” connection over a USB 2.0 compliant interface. We verified this by removing the USB hub from our PCB and connecting the Intel 8265 directly to the Jetson. In that configuration, everything worked as expected and we could use Bluetooth functionality on the card.

This does not seem to be properly documented on Intel’s side. Hopefully this is helpful for others running into issues.

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