TX2's APE supports which all Audio decoderss and encoders

Hi Nvidia,

I want to know which all Audio codecs are supported by APE(TX2) or any other audio processor chip(in TX2).
I am using tegra Multimedia API’s for my application development.

which all audio decoders ?
which all audio encoders?


Hi meRaza,
We don’t support any HW Audio Codec on TX2. you need to integrate CPU audio decoders with our HW video encoders.

You do not run gstreamer, but there are some examples in gstreamer user guide for your reference:

Hi DaneL,

  1. If I understand correctly, TX2 doesn’t support HW Audio Decoders, so CPU software Audio decoders. AND has HW Audio Encoders?
    “you need to integrate CPU audio decoders with our HW video encoders”

  2. what is the role of APE(Audio Processing Engine ) or “Cortex-A9 APE Audio Processor” refer below block diagram of TX2 .

  3. Audio Encoding is HW or software?

Hi meRaza,

Please share where you get the info. It looks wrong and we shall correct it

We have HW reserved for the functionality but SW is not implemented

We don’t have the implementation. For now if you run gstreamer voaacenc element, it is running on Cortex A57. If we had the implementation, it was running on Cortex A9. I think both cases are SW.

Hi DaneL,

Thanks for the quick reply it helped me for clear understanding.

  1. “Please share where you get the info. It looks wrong and we shall correct it”
    I miss understood from the previous reply.

I have few more quires listed below…

  1. I thought of using Tegra_Multimedia_API_R28.1.0_aarch64 for both VIDEO and AUDIO processing ? is it possible? or I need to use Gstreamer ?

  2. Is it possible to use voaacenc with Tegra_Multimedia_API ?

  3. Is their anyway to access Cortex A9 from user application for audio processing or other stuff.? because I want to keep CPU usage as low as possible.

Hi meRaza,

tegra_multimedia_api has implementation about VIDEO processing. For AUDIO processing, you may check how others implement it on CPU. Using tegra_multimedia_api may require more coding effort.
In gstreamer frameworks, you can leverage existing elements to build your case. It is faster.

gstreamer has appsrc and appsink. If you can leverage these elements, you can integrate gstreamer elements with tegra_multimedia_api

No, it is not supported.

Hi DaneLL,

Can you share any examples which links Tegra_Multimedia_API with gstreamer elements

We shall have clarified questions about APE. This seems not related to this topic.

yup sure Thanks…
I tried to delete the reply but not able to.

I created new thread for new queries.