type conversion error CUgraphicsResource

[SOLVED] I removed the struct keyword in the declaration of md_buffer


I’m trying to develop a CUDA/OpenGL Application and get a strange compiler error
(Visual Studio 2010, Windows 7, 32 bit, CUDA 4.2, Driver API)

struct CUgraphicsResource* md_buffer;


size_t* num_bytes;
CUdeviceptr polarBuffer = 0;

cuGraphicsResourceGetMappedPointer(&polarBuffer, num_bytes, *md_buffer);// Line 391

I get the following error:

Error 5 error C2664: ‘cuGraphicsResourceGetMappedPointer_v2’ : cannot convert parameter 3 from ‘CUgraphicsResource’ to ‘CUgraphicsResource’ c:xxxx.cpp 391

I’m a little bit confused, because both types are exactly the same…

Thanks for any help.