type inference problem with template __global__ function in namespace

I have just found that this bug has been fixed in 2.2 beta. But I find no link to delete this post. :-(

It seems that the type inference system for global template functions in namespace has some problem. Compiling the following code with “nvcc test.cu” and there will be error message:

$ nvcc test.cu

In file included from test.cu:26:

/tmp/tmpxft_00003a06_00000000-1_test.cudafe1.stub.c:20: error: specialization of ‘template void NS::__globfunc_bar(T, int*)’ in different namespace

/tmp/tmpxft_00003a06_00000000-1_test.cudafe1.stub.h:9: error: from definition of ‘template void NS::__globfunc_bar(T, int*)’

Currently, I have to write the parameters in the call to the global function explicitly to workaround.

OS: Fedora Core 10, x86

CUDA 2.1

#include <cuda.h>

#include <stdio.h>

namespace NS{

template<class T>

__global__ void bar(T n, int * arr){




using namespace NS;

int main(){

	int * arr;



	int temp=0;



	return 0;