Type object ‘pyds.NvDsObjectType’ has no attribute ‘NVDS_OBJECT_TYPE_UNKNOWN’

I am editing the Python DeepStream sample app to try and understand it better.

  File "deepstream_usbcam_rabbitmq.py", line 221, in osd_sink_pad_buffer_probe
    msg_meta = generate_event_msg_meta(msg_meta, obj_meta.class_id)
  File "deepstream_usbcam_rabbitmq.py", line 150, in generate_event_msg_meta
    meta.objType = pyds.NvDsObjectType.NVDS_OBJECT_TYPE_UNKNOWN # TODO change to NVDS_OBJECT_TYPE_CUSTOM
AttributeError: type object 'pyds.NvDsObjectType' has no attribute 'NVDS_OBJECT_TYPE_UNKNOWN'

However, I’ve checked the source code and it does exist..
The Python API reference is blank, so no help there either…

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Hi @marcusttk,
Yes, it’s a missed in current release. We are looking into it and if we find it’s a bug, it will be fixed in an upcoming release. For now, you could try to set the integer value and check .