u-boot emmc address in Boot configuration table

Hi All,

What is the structure of the Boot Configuration Table ?
My u-boot is stored in eMMC at some address. How can i find that address in BCT file ?

Thank you.

The cloning article talks about partitions, you may be interested in this:

In this link there is nothing about BCT.
Link only explain about the cloning.

As per the description given by nvidia in boot flow if there is change in u-boot we have to regenerate the BCT file. How can we regenerate the BCT file ? Id there any command or utility to generate BCT file ?

The reason cloning might be relevant is it shows you how to extract information about partitions, that one of those is named “BCT”, and you could clone that exact partition and poke around in the clone partition from your host PC.

The default R21.3 flash.cfg shows:


Being able to clone this might also give you the ability to edit and put the edited version back (I have not tried).

The default available BCT files are in “bootloader/ardbeg/BCT/”. Each of those have a comment stating they were generated by a particular tool (uses .exe extension, probably windows). I don’t believe those tools are generally available. Unless your hardware is custom, you can probably use one of these BCT files and edit a cfg to flash with that.