U-Boot: needed drivers for bootup from /dev/nvme0n1

The NVME device is connected over an M.2 NGFF Key M to Key A+E Extension Cable Adapter Card with High Speed FPC Cable for 2230/2242/2260/2280 Laptop SSD Adapter on the jetson nano dev kit.

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I see after the sd-card bootup the device /dev/nvme0n1.

Now my question is is possible to integrate the needed drivers to the u-boot.
I found some u-boot git reps but i don’t have the needed information and knowhow for this topic.


Hi Roland,

We don’t have support for nvme but the upstream uboot may have it.

I think you could port that from upstream.

Hi WayneWWW.

I walking with Python and AI and not with lowlevel u-boot topics :-)

Is is better to point my u-boot /dev/nvme0n1 request to the nvidia hardware/u-boot team for futher review.

I think booting form /dev/nvme0n1 (over an adapter card) is a big benefit for the jetson nano.

The performance should better and using an sd-card for longtime running is a little unstable (memory cell degrading).