[u-boot] saveenv command?

I cannot find saveenv command in u-boot command list, don’t Nano support saving environment variables?

I think we are using “setenv” only.

So I have to set environment variables every time when I want to try something in u-boot?
Can environment variables be read from the micro sd card / write to the micro sd card (or maybe the spi flash)?

saveenv seems work in old release. Need to check why it is missing here.

I will reply once find something.

Please add this patch to u-boot to enable saving env to sdcard.


diff --git a/include/configs/p3450-porg.h b/include/configs/p3450-porg.h
index 69c5106..417a9f5 100644
--- a/include/configs/p3450-porg.h
+++ b/include/configs/p3450-porg.h
@@ -31,8 +31,11 @@
 #define BOOT_TARGET_DEVICES(func) \
 	func(MMC, mmc, 1)
-/* Environment s/b at end of SPI, fix it later */
+/* Environment is on SD (mmc1), in filesystem (APP partition, part #1) */
+#define EXT4_ENV_INTERFACE		"mmc"
+#define EXT4_ENV_DEVICE_AND_PART	"1:1"
+#define EXT4_ENV_FILE			"/boot/uboot.env"
 /* SPI */

Your patch works on L4T 32.1 u-boot.
Thanks a lot!