U-Boot - won't boot if serial device on the serial port

I’ve spent several days on this with various levels of success, but nothing satisfactory.

I can compile u-boot and I can install u-boot on my Jetson-TK1

I have a device plugged into the serial port, it is constantly sending update information the moment it comes on, this traffic on the serial port causes U-Boot to pause. I’ve tried many of the u-boot arguments in the various ‘configuration’ files - I’ve even tried disabling console completely, but nothing is working so far. Even with CONFIG_BOOT_DELAY=0, anything connected to the serial port halts booting.

I am either missing the magic configuration parameter or I need to configure U-Boot to use the second serial port on the Jetson, however I don’t know how to configure U-Boot to access the second serial port.

Again - I’m not asking for silent mode - I can achieve that, I need it to boot even when data is coming over the console port.

Thanks for your time,


I was able to get this working - I disabled the TERMINAL in one of the configuration files, now U-BOOT won’t pause with data on the RS-232 port, I then modified OS to not bring up terminal at boot so now we can load OS with chatty RS-232 device on the port.

This is pretty important for robotics applications, I’m kind of surprised there isn’t much simpler or well documented approach to solving this. (Worse part is that searching the web on how to disable results in a lot of data on SILENT mode which is different.)

Next goal, learn how to modify U-BOOT to load our logo - this is attractive if one is to deploy real products based on these platforms. (Reality is that we’ll deploy 10 robots with TK1 before switching to TX1 - this will be 100+ robots - at this point we really want professional looking displays at boot and through OS loading.)

Really freaking love these boards.