UART 1 OF TX1 baurd configuration issue


We are using JTX1

we have connected the UART lINK of TX1 UART1 to a micro controller the micro controller is transmitting some data at 9600 baurd how to configure the uart driver for initializing the port at this baurd we are not able to see complete uart prints from this port (micro-controller boot prints ) through tty only first character is getting printed remaining characters are getting corrupted how to fix this

hello agxin,

default UART baudrate is 115200, which is defined as below

/* Default UART setting when started: 115200 no parity, stop, 8 data bits */
#define TEGRA_UART_DEFAULT_BAUD                 115200

you’re able to access the kernel source code here: $TOP/kernel/drivers/tty/serial/serial-tegra.c