I am designing a carrier board that is using all 3 UARTS (UART0, UART1, & UART2). I am not using the flow control signals UART*_CTS or UART*_RTS on any of these UARTs.

Can I just float (no connect) the UART*_CTS inputs to the TX1 or do I need to have pullups on my board to 1.8V?

It appears in the documentation that UART1_CTS has internal pullup on the TX1, but couldn’t find any information on the UART0_CTS or UART2_CTS.

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi John

I am not able to help you with flow control but have a similar issue of enabling multiple UART-s:

was it sufficient to edit Device Tree to enable UART2 on the board?

Just leave CTS/RTS unconnected and keep the default status as Jetson carrier board.