UART issues with custom carrier board

We have created a custom carrier board for the Orin NX module and are having issues getting things up and running. I am able to flash and boot and get good debug output from a Xavier NX dev board using J14 (UART2_TX and UART2_RX). When I transfer the same module and SSD to our custom board I only get trash/garbled output from the UART pins on our board (tied to the same 236/238 pins on the module).

We are level shifting as well (circuit below). On the oscilliscope, we have clean lines for the xavier dev board, but have some interesting behavior on the custom board. Our RX line on the custom board shifts and we get voltages holding across the TX line, even though you can see the proper voltage shifts below. Any help/advice is much appreciated!

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Hi, you may need to check with vendor or use same level shift on devkit.

Thanks @kayccc and @Trumany. For this particular issue it turned out to be simply a bad board from manufacturing. I was able to successfully access the Jetson via UART on a different board from the same batch. You can close this issue.

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