UART level match

I am new to TX2, and there are some questions that i want to get some advice.
From the TX2 data sheet, i get that the level of UART on TX2 module is CMOS-1.8V.
So, are there must a level shifter from 1.8V to 3.3V between TX2 and STM32 MCU if i want to accomplish communication both of them? And if i connect them directly(pins of UART on TX2 connect to them on STM32 MCU directly without level shifter), what will happen? Will TX2 be destroyed or any other results?

Some carrier boards (including the dev carrier) use a level shifter to 3.3V. So it might depend on which UART and which carrier board. In the case of J17 ("/dev/ttyTHS2") on the dev carrier this is 3.3V. So is the serial console UART going to J21 (don’t use the J21 UART, it is a console, “/dev/ttyS0”).

I don’t know about whether damage would occur, but certainly mismatched levels would be a 100% failure of communications.