UART problems on Drive PX2

I’m trying to connect GPS/IMU (RS232 interface) which is not mentioned in the Development Guide on Drive PX2. When I connect it with USB-to-Serial to the USB3.0 or through the UART port on the harness,command ls -l /dev/tty* doesn’t add any new device and there is no ttyUSB or ttyACM shown. I have read all the related docs and don’t know how to solve the problem.
The PDK version on my PX2 is 2.0. Is there any ways to connect the GPS/IMU device on PX2?

Dear Kokutou,

Could you please update to the latest PDD version( : Thanks.

Hi Steve,

I have a similar problem: trying to connect a Sick Lidar using a serial-to-usb, but I don’t get any /dev/ttyUSB* device. I’m sure about the hardware, already tested on a Windows machine and on a Jetson Tx1, both worked perfectly.

Is there any other solution apart from updating the PDK? I’d need to stick with the older version for the time being, because that solves a different issue for me (as you suggested me here:


Dear fparrav,

The issue has been fixed in the latest PDK. It’s going to be difficult with previous versions. Thanks.