UART0 to accesee to command line


Is it possible to use UART0 to access to Jetson CLI?


UART0(J21; H12 and G12 pins) is the debug console and you should see log and can execute commands.


I connect a USB to Serial converter to UART0 pins on J21 header.

I can see the debug console on my PC with Putty.
It works very well on the developer kit.

I have a Level Translator IC on my board, to convert 1.8V UART singals to 3.3V, and I see the debug console when using my custom carrier board as well.


(For anyone who confused like me due to naming of serial ports: In fact, the UART0 pins on 40-pin expansion header are named UART1_TXD_HDR_3V3 and UART1_RXD_HDR_3V3. You can see in the DevKit Schematic P2597 that; UART0 signals names are suddenly changed to UART1 after Level Translator IC SN74LVC2T45!)

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