Uart1 receive data problem at first time opening the serial port

I have a uart1 problem. when I first open the /dev/ttyTHS0 serial port, It is good when no data received or transport data outside.However, once the URAT1_RX receive some data, the serial port will report an error immediately or after a few seconds. It only happened at the first few times opening the /dev/ttyTHS0 serial port.After the first time or first few times, the /dev/ttyTHS0 can reveive data stable.
The error reported by cutecom tool is Device error “No such file or directory” or “Resource temporarily unavailable”.

The ttyTHS1 and ttyTHS4 do not have the problem.

I found that the data received by UART1_RX was immediately sent out by UART1_TX.

hello admi537,

could you please have a try to disable getty,
for example,

sudo systemctl stop nvgetty.service
sudo systemctl disable nvgetty.service

Hi Jerry
The problem has been solved. I would like to ask what the service is for and whether it will have any impact if it is turned off?

That is the serial console/debug port. Useful for logging when boot fails. Basically, before disabling that, you had a conflict from your application and the serial console running simultaneously in conflict on the same port.

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