UART3 Error Report


==> Jetson AGX oring Custom Board (I designed myself)

After Jetson AGX orin flashing is completed, the HDMI port is not displayed and the attached message is output to the UART3 log file.

Thank you
Serial_UART3_log.txt (46.5 KB)

Hi netkerl,

What’s your Jetpack version in use?

E> I2C: slave not found in slaves.
E> I2C: Could not write 0 bytes to slave: 0x00ac with repeat start true.
E> I2C_DEV: Failed to send register address 0x00000000.
E> I2C_DEV: Could not read 256 registers of size 1 from slave 0xac at 0x00000000 via instance 0.
E> eeprom: Failed to read I2C slave device

Do you have EEPROM on your custom carrier board?
If not, please refer to the following instruction to configure for your board.
Jetson AGX Orin Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up — Modifying the EEPROM


  1. Jetpack 5.1.2
  2. Designed without a BOARD ID EEPROM

Thank you for your help

Hi, KevinFFF,

Even if I edit the file below in the link you provided and reset it, the result seems to be the same.
Attach the log file.

UART3_log.txt (23.2 KB)
log_flash.txt1 (24.0 KB)

Thank you for your help

Are you using custom BSP package to flash the board?

It seems you flash the board failed.
Please share the full flash command.

Please also check if the following thread could help for your case.
Jetson AGX Orin RGMII Configuration and use - #15 by Andyyyyy

Flash command I’m using is
sudo ./ jetson-agx-orin-devkit mmcblk0p1 2>&1 | tee log_flash.txt

Hi, KevinFFF,

Jetson flashing was successful and booting was also normal.

The modifications are as follows.
Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/tegra234-mb2-bct-common.dtsi file
eeprom {
cvm_eeprom_i2c_instance = <0>;
cvm_eeprom_i2c_slave_address = <0xa0>;
cvm_eeprom_read_size = <0x100>;
cvb_eeprom_i2c_instance = <0x0>;
cvb_eeprom_i2c_slave_address = <0xac>; → cvb_eeprom_i2c_slave_address = <0x0>;
cvb_eeprom_read_size = <0x100>; → cvb_eeprom_read_size = <0x0>;

Many thanks for your help.

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