uboot scripting in jetson


Is there any possible way to write scripts in uboot for jetson as we do in shell scripting? Kindly share the reference.


I tried to write a script and created a image of it using mkimage. But I’m not aware how to deploy it in Jetson…

The boot loader is accessible under the serial console…hit a key to interrupt it early on…a moment later if you want to choose from boot entries. Early on gives access to command line. Type “boot” to continue booting, or “help” to see a list of commands. In particular, run the command “printenv” to see the various things which can not only be edited, but which can also be saved to eMMC.

You’ll see the “boot” command executes the content of variable “bootcmd”. This variable normally expands as a macro which is capable of a loop. The stages of boot were separated in a somewhat modular fashion, and so you can alter one of these variables, then saveenv, and you have your scripting.

Cloning should allow you to save a binary image of partitions which have the environment, although I have not looked at which partition this is where the environment saves.