Ubuntu 14.04 LTS k40m 'driver only' installation from CUDA .deb package

Is there any way to install ‘just’ the driver from the deb package? Those packages which are available packages in trusty are super old (all things considered) and while I want to the new driver, I do not want the additional devel packages from the SDK installed.

Using the .run script is not scalable for automated installation and dependency maintenance and we can’t pull the xorg PPA into our local repo due to operational guidelines.

Even when trying ‘apt-get install --dry-run nvidia-346’ I get way too many extra packages that have no purpose in our setup.

Does anyone have any insight into how this could be done?

If you need just the driver, this link might help:


Thanks andrej, but that link is solely for the .run script/package… I was hoping for an actual .deb package that I could install the driver from.