Ubuntu 16.04 + GTX 1060 ends up in login loop unless I "prime select" intel


as described in the title, the outer most problem I face is that I end up in a login loop when the nvidia card is selected via “prime select”.

I have the following notebook https://www.xmg.gg/xmg-apex15 with an SSD instead of SATA and 16GB RAM configured.

When I ctrl + alt + f1 for the terminal and execute “prime select intel”, I can log in and use my notebook, but I can’t use external monitors then (I assume all the hdmi and display ports are from the 1060).
When I “prime select nvidia” after the login, I can’t open any window anymore, which lets me assume that lightdm or something like gets crashed when using the nvidia card (this is just a guess on my side).

I can not open the Nvidia X Server settings. The Icon will appear on the left side in the bar, then blink for a while and disappear without any message being displayed.

What I have tried to fix the problem so far:

  • I tried installing different driver versions reaching from 384 to 390. All versions ended up showing the same behavior
  • I verified that I have secure boot disabled in BIOS
  • I verified that I didn’t start with “nomodeset”
  • I installed tried installing the drivers via the “additional drivers” and the ppa repository, all methods ending up in the same behavior

Please find my bugreport file here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bvnPiLR3wX7QOZXzezLRrNxtAvZUda1V
I created this file after I verified that the login loop exists by trying to log in, then switching to the terminal with crtl + alt + f1 and executing the shell script.
I looked at the log myself but can’t really tell what the errors mean (3 EE entries), since I installed a nvidia driver and nvidia-prime.

I’m appreciating every single bit of help. Googling for 2 days now and still struggling with that Problem.

Best regards, Matthias

The kernel is too old for your intel gpu, you can enable alpha grade support using kernel parameter


but better install a later kernel (4.15) from the kernel ppa.

So what I did now was switching to Fedora, which seems to run WAY better with my hardware.

Still a problem remains:

After booting, I get an error message that the nvidia driver caused a kernel module to crash, but the system recovered from it.

Here is the bug log https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wJ208u8LotppQmlLa8XKX6Mwr7ypQUB-

I can also provide the crash report if you need it.

Should I open a new thread or rename this one, because we’re not talking about Ubuntu nor a login loop anymore :D

See this thread about the problem you’re encountering:

Thx a lot for the answer. The prompt disappeared by itself after another restart.