Ubuntu 18.04 cannot start GUI after Nvidia driver 465 installation on MSI laptop with Geforce RTX

Dear all,

I’m using a MSI GP66 Leopard laptop, with Nvidia Geforce RTX graphic card. I installed Ubuntu 18.04 from scratch. But whenever I installed nvidia driver, after rebooting, the computer went to a black screen, and failed to open GUI.

I’ve visited almost all links available on this and other Q&A forums, and tried their suggestions, but none of them practically solved my issue.

I installed nvidia-driver-465 using sudo apt-get install. I’ve also tried directly installing .run or .deb files as well.

The attached is my nvidia bug report; one with ‘nvidia-drm.modeset=1’ in ‘/etc/default/grub/’ for ‘GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT’, while the other without this param setting.

Once entering tty3, the command ‘nvidia-smi’ did work without any error though. If I change back to intel using ‘prime-select’, the system starts its GUI successfully but leading to ‘nvidia-smi’ failure.

I also tried changing from gdm3 to lightdm but the problem still remained the same.

Any help would be much appreciated.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (316.8 KB)
nvidia-bug-report-with-modeset.log.gz (337.1 KB)