Ubuntu 18.04 failed to reboot to GUI

Hi, after my ubuntu login box failed to respond to keyboard, I rebooted it, but it ended up with lots of “EDAC skx: ECC is disabled on imc 0” on tty terminal, networking is not accessible, dmesg has nvidia module verification failed: signature and required key missing. please help me figure out. here is nvidia log file
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (326.2 KB)

I am still stuck there, can someone help me?

The driver and gpu seem fine, there just doesn’t get an Xserver started. Anything in journal?
sudo journalctl -b0

Yes, Xserver doesn’t start. Here is journal log file
journal.log (184.5 KB)

Something systemd is broken, it reports “Reached target Graphical Interface.” but didn’t even try to start anything.
Please check if you can start the Xserver with
sudo systemctl start display-manager
and try to fix it using
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm3
in case you’re running gnome

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Thank you very much, I have fixed it