Ubuntu 18.04 - Second monitor couldn't be detected. Using Nvidia-430 form ppa:


My computer is an Asus FA506II with AMD Ryzen 7 4800H and Nvidia GTX 1650ti. I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 with default window manager (gdm3). After the “nouveau” disabling step it seems that nvidia-430 (after ppa settings and apt-get install nvidia-driver-430) driver can successfully serve the screen at the internal LCD of laptop.

But when I connect the computer with second monitor over HDMI output, the computer couldn’t detect the HDMI. I am using same monitor and cable setup with other computers successfully.

The nouveau is blacklisted. I have made the modifications on X11 10-nvidia.conf and amdgpu.conf file from this link hdmi output doesnt work in ubuntu 18.04 .

When I activate #Option "PrimaryGPU" "Yes" line the computer doesn’t reach the login screen and I can only see the fsck output report of booting process. So I have get two version of logs, the first one with this option and the second one without this option. I am attaching link of both below:

With option → Ubuntu Pastebin
Without option → Ubuntu Pastebin

Also I can see the GPU at the output of nvidia-smi tool output but the nvidia-settings has blank screen

Is there anyone who have fixed this situation? Or do you any opinion about the invastigation steps of the causes of the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. I did this steps and it works for me. But in my case, always saw hdmi output in display settinga. But id didnt show image.

Check here:

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Problem is, your AMD gpu is too new for the currently running kernel, you’ll need kernel 5.6:
That one is probably compiled with gcc 9.3 so the nvidia driver wouldn’t compile with it on 18.04. So rather install 20.04, then the 5.6 kernel, afterwards the nvidia driver 440 using Software&Updates.
Afterwards, please follow this to get the nvidia gpu running:

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Thank you very much for your knowledge-full and helpful reply. Now everything is same as your reply mentioned. I can see the external monitor as extended screen over the HDMI output.

Only I want to ask a situation. When I just boot the computer I couldn’t see the external monitor until I change active tty by CTRL + ALT + F . If this problem wouldn’t be solved I can easily use changing active tty as a work around. But I am attaching two the logs as after boot and after tty change.

Sincerely thanks for your helps again.

After boot → Ubuntu Pastebin
After tty change → Ubuntu Pastebin

The external monitor is actually connected to the AMD gpu. Did you create both optimus.desktop files? If so, please check Gnome’s control center if the external monitor is enabled.