Ubuntu 20.04 [5.4.0-100-lowlatency] boot problems with nvidia-driver-510

Hello, i have Lenovo machine with Quadro P1000 Mobile video card running on Ubuntu 20.04 with lowlatency kernel.

There are random problems happening with OS login - the system occasionally (50% of cases) ends up with black screen after login. What should i try to solve this?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (396.8 KB)

Please see this:

Doesn’t help :(

Did you create the log right after running into the black screen?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (379.3 KB)
Here is the log i did just now after boot happened on 5 or 6 attempt

It’s a bit odd, the second the Xserver is stopping after login, the system is going into suspend.
Do you have the lid closed and your users’s energy settings set to do so?

Please check if setting kernel parameter
helps with that.

Exactly, I need to boot Thinkpad P52 docked with closed lid

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Ilya Shadrin

Unfortunately it doesn’t help :(

Then use gnome-tweaks to disable the suspend on lid close.

gnome-tweaks doesn’t helped as well. Seems like there should be a lower level fix over multiple places to make it really work

22 release might be a hope :(

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Ilya Shadrin

FIXED it by setting HandleLidSwitchDocked=ignore in


Great you found that. Was that set to suspend, the default should be “ignore”?

It was commented by # by default. Not sure about default behavior, but i guess it might be the same as suspend option

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Ilya Shadrin

The commented values are/should be the default. So looks like this is a bug in systemd, setting something different than the default.

Of course it’s a bug - even if suspend option is set and lid is closed, OS shouldn’t go suspend during boot when computer is docked

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