Ubuntu 20.04 Crashed after Nvidia Driver 470 Update

Hi I have a graphics card 1050Ti GE force GTX 10 Series
I was running self-drivinf cars simulations with SVL simulator from LG. Everything was working fine after the update to 470 driver (update that I didn’t allow and did not wish).
After this update my docker containers and images stopped to work. After hours debugging I needed to remove all docker from my system and reinstall. Also nvidia-smi command line was not working. The driver was not being identified. But after some debugging and docker reinstalled, the images were pulled and built again and everything seemed to be working…BUT when I runned the LGSVL simulator the system just turned off. I uninstalled the mesa-vulkan-drivers and installed libvulkan1 as LG recommends (and this step was also previously done with the old stable driver).
However this issue persisted Everytime I runned the simulator my PC turned off. I tried to debug this issue and made 3 attempts to run the simulator. After the third my PC now does not turn on anymore.

I checked a lot of other users are facing this same or related issue with UBUNTU 20.04 and NVIDIA DRIVER update. And I wish to understand how to fix it? Sure first I will need to spend money to fix my PC, maybe lost all my data…but ok…

After trying to enable the NVIDIA 470 driver I tried to switch for the old ones I was using (more stable) the 460 and 390 proprietary. However Everytime I rebooted the system automatically switched back to 470, even If I purged all Nvidia from system and restarted…also tried to Dowload from Nvidia website but just this 470 is the indicated for me…

Well now I have few weeks to present my master thesis simulations that I worked pretty hard 2 years and thanks to this NVIDIA update I cannot…

What could I do to run LGSVL simulator again with the suitable the Nvidia driver (proper-stable-functional) on Ubuntu 20.04 without crashing all my system again?

Thanks in advance