Ubuntu 20.04 - IP over IB setup

I’m trying to setup IP over IB on Ubuntu 20.04 – a little breeding edge.

Yesterday, I tried downloading the drivers, adding the DEB distribution to my sources, and installing. It crashed QEMU because it was built against a shared library with an old version of IBVERBS and QEMU expected 1.8. It also generated conflicts with the InBox drivers. So I backed that out.

With the InBox version , I only get the core driver module. mxflint finds the device but ibstat doesn’t, presumable because the kernel doesn’t load the driver module.

Is there an InBox version of the IB driver? Can I still the IB driver module without also installing the old IBVERBS package?

So the eventual solution was to:

  1. build the drivers inside of a VM to keep the host clean (use --kernel-only)
  2. copy the DEBs to the host.
  3. manually install the two ‘kernel’ ones containing the drivers using dpkg -i.
  4. reboot to get the new kernel

Hi Josh,

As i understand there is no issue , and you were able to resolve the issue with above workaround.

Currently our newest driver supports Ubuntu 20.04 at beta level


Full support will be added in the next OFED version.



Hi, I tried to build on Ubuntu 20.04-1, kernel 5.8.x but the log says compat.h not found during “make”… wonder if anyone has any tips on how to get around…

Or else I probably have to reinstall Ubuntu and go back to kernel 5.4.x the supported one.