Ubuntu 20.04 on Jetson AGX Xavier

When can we expect the upgrade of L4T to 20.04? I’d love to run ROS2 Foxy on your platform, but 18.04 is not supported. Plus it’s been a while since 20.04 came out?

What is NVIDIA’s timeline on moving forward?

Hi @bigrobinson, the schedule is not yet firm, it is planned for sometime next year in addition to a kernel upgrade to 5.x.

For now, I recommend running ROS2 Foxy on 18.04 through a container like this one:

Although containers are commonplace with ROS2, if you didn’t want to use a container you could build ROS2 Foxy from source in a very similar way that my ROS2 Foxy Dockerfile does.


Got it, Dusty. Thanks for the response. We have chosen to take the Docker route for deploying solutions using Foxy.