Ubuntu 22.04 lts issues with NVIDIA drivers and CUDA 11.7

Hello! I have several issues with NVIDIA drivers and cuda 11.7.
The first problem is that after a random period of time after the NVIDIA drivers installation, the drivers may “disappear”. It happens that: I use my pc without installing anything and touching anything , just for writing code, then, after shutting down it, nvidia drivers cannot be found anymore. So, I need to re-install them. This trivial solution worked for some months when it happened that gcc compiler changed version and then I was not able anymore to compile the drivers because it kept telling me that I was using a version of gcc different from the one by means of I compiled the ubuntu kernel. I am sure that I did not modify the version of GCC and I do not know why my pc after a normal shutting down, starts not working anymore with NVIDIA drivers. The only thing I did was compiling PointNeXt, Swin3D, PointMAE, as they want to be done according to their github repositories.

Thanks in advance